Much of the success we have enjoyed these pasts few years is largely due to the
support we've garnered from individuals, organizations, and sponsors from the
greater community. Now, we are hopeful your organization will be joining these
collective efforts. We would like you to consider being one of our 2019 sponsors.

As a sponsor and supporter, you and your brand will be exposed to our
community and audience in a positive manner reflective of our collective social
responsibilities. Also, you will be helping our youth and Boston community
experience exquisite performing arts and fashion seldom made available to our
We have included a sponsorship package for your review. Please
reach out with any inquiries concerning your role in becoming a sponsor for the
Blood & Fashion Extravaganza. Additionally, I will be following up via phone
within a week in case you may have any questions I can answer in regard to the
sponsorship package.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of our mission and we hope this is the
first step towards building a strong and lasting relationship.


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